An international group dedicated to sharing wisdom and compassion

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Led by Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche

Trungram Gyalwa Foundation funds a wide range of projects: Schools. Student housing. Scholarships. Compassion curricula and scientific research. And organizations around the globe dedicated to preserving and sharing the wisdom traditions. One common thread unites these initiatives: the power of education—both intellectual and emotional—to transform lives..

Regional Student Care Homes

By building housing for children who are orphaned or homeless, we can both provide a safe and nurturing environment and enable students to attend the local schools and focus on their studies.

Trungram International Academy Expansion

We plan to magnify the impact of this award-winning private English Medium day and boarding school, by expanding the TIA campus to accommodate a larger student population, adding two grades, and replicating the teaching model outside Nepal.

The Milarepa Center for Wellbeing

Meditation. Yoga. Dharma studies. Holistic healing arts. Nestled in New York’s Catskills Mountains, the Milarepa Center educates students at all levels, with programs ranging from public lectures and workshops to one- to five-day retreats.

Scholarship Support

Some students need encouragement to pursue a quality education. Some parents need reinforcement to let their children study. For both, a scholarship—either merit- or need-based—can make a tremendous difference.

Scientific Research

Recent scientific studies have confirmed what meditators have experienced for millennia: the personal value of deep inner reflection and exploration. The next step is to explore meditation’s impact on interpersonal relations.